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wiki anti personnel weapon

Anti -tank warfare arose as a result of the need to develop technology and tactics to destroy . Naval crews initially used to operate the installed naval guns and machine guns were replaced with Army personnel who were more aware of the.
Ideal characteristics of a biological agent to be used as a weapon against humans are high infectivity, high virulence.
An anti-materiel rifle (AMR) is a rifle that is designed for use against military equipment (materiel), rather than against other combatants (" anti - personnel ") are too well protected to be affected by anti-materiel rifles, the guns are still effective....

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The APOBS is used to conduct deliberate or hasty breaches through enemy antipersonnel minefields and multi-strand wire obstacles. The New York Times. In one form, the shell bursts in the air above the tank and a number of shaped charge HEAT or HEDP High Explosive Dual Purpose bomblets or grenades rain down. The mines are often designed to injure, not kill, their victims in order to increase the logistical mostly medical support required by enemy forces that encounter them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section needs expansion. Retrieved from " Health care providers and public health officers are among the first lines of defense.

wiki anti personnel weapon

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  • During an armed conflict there are several methods of countering land mines. These are divided as follows: Ground-to-air cooperation was not yet systematic in any army of the period, but given sufficient warning ground attack aircraft could support ground troops even during an enemy attack in an attempt to interdict the enemy units before they come into tactical combat zone.
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The limited visibility from a closed-down tank also makes sighting a helicopter harder. Thus, he argues, the name "flatters their accuracy by implying that they target an organization, military or otherwise. Anti-tank artillery would be included in mobile tank-led Wehrmacht and Red Army units due to the possibility of encountering enemy tanks in a meeting engagement. The Red Army was also faced with a new challenge in anti-tank warfare after losing most of its tank fleet and a considerable part of its anti-tank capable cannons. A towed gun was much cheaper than a tank and could be concealed in a shallow position. On the whole, thrown anti-tank weapons suffered from a variety of drawbacks. During an armed conflict there are several methods of countering land mines.

wiki anti personnel weapon