When funny playful hire call

when funny playful hire call

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wages, salary, income, earnings, stipend, compensation, remuneration, hire, stake. waggish a. merry, playful, funny, comical, jesting, humorous, clowning, tend to, minister to, be at one's beck and call, 'wait on hand and foot, 'gopher.
Would someone in German call someone silly in a friendly, playful, teasing way? (like couples or friends would do) — e.g. "you're so silly ".

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A full-on action plan! Here's how it works:. Currently working on a novel featuring Isadora Wing—the heroine of Fear of Flying —as a woman of a certain age, Erica and her lawyer husband live in New York City and Connecticut. By subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Sign up using Google. I'm native German, and I always thought "silly" had rather harmless connotations i. The context is someone bilingual who you jokingly call "silly" sometimes in English. Schabernack is something you do , not a person.

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I didn't mean synonyms. Many dictionaries I checked including balltoball.info , Macmillan , TFD , and the Online Slang Dictionary indicated the word is It doesn't particularly denote mischievous children , although the term does seem to convey the notion that such young children are mischievous in general. A comment to the heavy edit - I'll not call her anything, I'll just shout with her name. Less nice words like punk can be used affectionately with younger children by adding little: little punk. He warned that an invasion and occupation of Iraq would be costly and potentially disastrous for a variety of carefully considered reasons. I read Fear of Flying when it came out, so can't remember it save for the 'zipless fuck' phrase and that I enjoyed it, a breath of fresh air. Learn more about Stack Overflow the company. See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question.