Symbols chevy spark dash

symbols chevy spark dash

Understanding what Chevy dashboard warning lights mean can be the difference between minor repairs and major service. Keep our.
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It indicates a problem with the cooling system that is causing the engine to overheat and may cause serious damage. Car Door Indicator This lamp is turned on even when a single door is not shut properly. The ideal thing to do is to bring the tyre pressure to recommended level at the earliest as this improves grip, decreases tyre degradation and improves fuel economy. The next best thing you can do is to get a professional mechanic to look over it. One good way to prevent this issue is to check your oil levels whenever you get fuel in your new Chevy Impala. Warns you about an overheating engine. Seat Belt Reminder In some cars, the lit lamp is accompanied by a warning sound when you haven't fastened seat belts.

symbols chevy spark dash

Airbag Indicator This symbol indicates that there may be an issue with one or more airbags or the entire airbag system in general. Schedule Your Service Appointment…. Time to get professional help or to get the battery replaced. Tells you about an unidentified problem. Chevy spark dashboard symbols. The Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light indicates that your engine is overheating. Its an extremely popular choice amongst Chevrolet owners worldwide because it covers such a wide range of modules within the vehicle such as ABS, SRS airbags, transmission and has received excellent feedback from symbols chevy spark dash. Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light. If you are driving with this warning light illuminated it means the news local father dead navy seal refused meet trump ceremony system is not active. Tire Pressure Light The Tire Pressure Monitor System TPMS light comes on briefly when the engine is started. Get Your Instant Kelley Blue Book Cash Offer. Warns you about an overheating engine. View This Symbols Page. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Terms of Use. If this light pops on, "symbols chevy spark dash", we recommend taking your new Chevy Silverado into a mechanic to get checked out and that you drive it as little as possible until the problem is fixed. Hence it is advisable to get the problem checked immediately.

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If the warning light is flashing, an issue has been detected by the system. More detailed analysis may be required and charges would apply. On board diagnostic indicator comes up when there is a problem with the engine management system or if there is a concern with the emission system. Probably one of the most common dashboard warning lights you will see, but no less important. Sell or Trade Your Car.

symbols chevy spark dash