Politics election these black sisters donald trump

politics election these black sisters donald trump

WATCH | Diamond and Silk talk about supporting Donald Trump Right off the bat, the sisters say they were drawn to the Trump campaign.
Donald Trump gives hope to Black Lives. Our message to all Black lives. Social Network info. Website: www.
At a campaign rally in early December, Donald Trump called on two of his most vocal social media fans, sisters Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway...

Politics election these black sisters donald trump - expedition

Diamond and Silk have Twitter beef with Montel Williams. The sisters, who now act as Trump's surrogates, have appeared on his behalf at numerous rallies, touted Trump on TV news shows and won lavish praise from the candidate himself. Trump is doing so poorly with black voters in large part because of unforced errors likes those — if you even consider them errors and not part of a strategy to appeal to white suburban voters. The enthusiasm level at this, a "Women Vote Trump" event held during July's Republican National Convention, is low, to say the least.

We welcome your comments at ideas balltoball.info. Diamond and Silk say discriminatory tactics like these, which are being pushed by members of their newly adopted party, don't bother. They are actually Democrats. Old television spots preserved on YouTube show where the pair got their telegenic presence and entrepreneurial sense. Here are removal instructions. Hardaway and Richardson have posted their support for Trump on their website, Diamond and Silk. Related Stories Get the app! Media playback is unsupported on your device. What Donald Trump is [interested in politics election these black sisters donald trump lowering taxes and then allowing you to create your own business. But Diamond and Silk, two sisters from North Carolina, think the polls don't tell the real story. Feminism depends on vital, intersectional sisterhood. The BBC has updated its cookie policy. Don't you secure your house? And they're incredibly tight-lipped about their own lives. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton adopted blatantly racist rhetoric. History will judge them for helping to tip the election. Share this with Facebook. They make a living making videos supporting Donald Trump.


Politics election these black sisters donald trump - expedition fast

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