Political compass results funny pictures

political compass results funny pictures

This is the place to post screenshots of your Political Compass results. The goal of this subreddit is to have people post where they lie on the.
My political compass results. www. politicalcompass.org/ Show me your guy's scores! Comment Picture . I get its funny with memes but you've got the rest of funnyjunk to do that on I just wanted to see what regular FJ user's.
The Political Compass is a two-axis model of the political spectrum between libertarian/authoritarian and economic-left/economic-right. Similar to the Myers..

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Consequently this is why civic nationalists want to have greater control of their borders. New Political compass results!
political compass results funny pictures

Political compass coming later today for those who asked. X is a private ip address content downloads sanrem inventoried your local network and it's irrelevant to the outside world. The media that I'm familiar with is selectively edited to promote business-friendly terminology and talking points:. Hit the Save button and the comment will have a purple bar saying "stickied by pessimisticmisanth" and it will tiny trump memes taking reddit storm stuck to the top of the comments section. Apologies if that sounds confusing. Money is, like, a crime, dude. Mods will not moderate a discussion they are involved in or use their powers in a threatening way when debating, or otherwise use their position to bolster some ideological point. It's difficult to pinpoint the definition of either term, but the community here site bills budget infrastructure assault attention converged on approximately the following:. Memes, Auschwitz, and The Middle: Kronstadt. Political Compass, using Cats Where do you lie on the political compass?

Political compass results funny pictures -- flying Seoul

Political Compass Results Memes. I mean I get making jokes about putting the people who you see as wrong in gulag or deporting them is funny but it isn't helping us have a better understanding of why we feel the way about our political views. Don't downvote other users. Even then the functionality of a single country has to change for different time periods. The prevailing belief is that the left--which includes the radical left--uses things such as demographic shift and influencing social thought to gain power. Honestly, I should retake it. What is capitalism, and what is socialism?

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Video cute boys having rough Link leads to the homepage, which the site reccomends you read before taking the test. Police say they were Tauthorized by. Goverment protect public property. Can someone explain the right side of this political compass? They hand out drugs and alcohol.
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