Pergunta where from

pergunta where from

A pergunta "Where are you from?" não faz referência específica ao país, que é o que se pede. "Where are you from?" é de um sentido mais geral e pode ser.
Tradução de ' pergunta ' e muitas outras traduções em inglês no dicionário de português-inglês.
Fitzpatrick. Cada vez que percebe que um cliente não é nativo, ele faz um leve meneio com a cabeça, pisca o olho esquerdo e pergunta “Where are you from?”..

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West draws on a decade of fieldwork and combines the perspectives of anthropology and political science to reveal how Muedans expect responsible authorities to monitor the invisible realm of sorcery and to overturn or, as Muedans call it, "kupilikula" sorcerers' destructive attacks by practicing a constructive form of counter-sorcery themselves. I've always wanted to write you some lines, so… That's it!!! Deixe uma resposta Cancelar resposta. Congrats for your blog I really enjoy Ricardo Gomide Hey Denilso,I'm reading your blog from Gainesville, Florida, USA, but I'm from Rio.
pergunta where from

And although I'm fluent in English I still learn a thing or two every once in a while which is great! Your blog is really helpful…I am an English teacher from Curitiba and I always tell my students about for all. I'm from Campina Grande, I believe this is the first time I see the expression " x years and a half ". Im from Rio Claro — SP but I live in Cleveland, Ohio! We are wondering, pergunta where from, however, whether this is a specifically EU-related problem. Thank you for your daily tips! So this is more than a comment, it's my opportunity to tell you "Thank you so much".

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Thank you so much! And you're right when you say that English should be simple… Thank you so much for the tips!!