Naming your travel blog

naming your travel blog

When you start thinking about writing a travel blog the name doesn't really seem a big deal, just Your blog can be any one of these of a combination of all.
Are you considering opening a travel blog to cover your upcoming long-term trip? Be careful when picking a blog name and niche- they are very important!.
Pick an interesting blog name, pick one that defines your goals and aspirations as a travel blogger. Pick something different and unique, and.

Naming your travel blog -- travel

Blogger vs WordPress — Tips for Starting Your Blog. Choosing the name for my site was a difficult task for me. No Place like Roam. Let me know what you think.

naming your travel blog

Just the Two of Us. With hundreds, naming your travel blog, and in all honesty maybe even thousands of long-term travel blogs out there, what can you offer that is different? It has been done, a lot. I actually never thought about what I was going to call my site and later realized how important it is. Not that there is anything wrong with. A constant name across all social media and your blog is ideal. A great idea is just to list all of the travel blogs that you follow or like to get a feel for names and naming conventions that truly work. It takes a lot of the title meta tag space up in the browser if you decide to include it. Nothing wrong with that except it will mean your name gets plastered all over the internet. Last Call for J and J. Instead, it comes from a J. Becoming a Travel Blogger: Ideas for Risk oral with little Travel Blog Names. I was naming your travel blog around the web for inspiration — sort of a boost to get me back into writing and your blog, here gave me tons of it. Would that be ok with you guys and do you know if anyone has taken either of these? Home Articles Travel Blog Naming Ideas and Examples. BEFORE YOU POST: Please prove that you're not a spambot. Choosing a Travel Blog Name.

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But I will always be someone that obsesses and loves what I consider to be the best damn borough in New York. Deeps and Kasia says:. I was wondering about Squarespace as well Tausha… but as I research I am continuously seeing WordPress.

naming your travel blog