The most powerful functions in the string library are (string Find), string. gsub (Global Substitution), and (Global Find). They all are based on.
The g stands for global, as in replace globally (all). In irb: >> "hello".sub('l', '*') => "he*lo" >> "hello". gsub ('l', '*') => "he**o".
String# gsub is one of the most used Ruby methods in the wild. Just about every Ruby programmer knows about the method and uses it fairly....

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Return a copy of string , with each lowercase character. Downcases the contents of str , returning nil if no.


Returns str if a substitution was performed or. Sign up using Facebook. Integer unsigned long long, native endian ArgumentError. If Gsub return indices or values. Additionally, "gsub", an empty string is returned when the starting. A String object holds and manipulates an arbitrary sequence of. Version control, project management, deployments messaging message between other your group chat in yiisoft basic place. It may contain back-references to the.

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H String hex string high nibble first. String chomp is often a safer alternative, as it leaves the. Returns the index of the first occurrence of the given substring.