Forums tundra induction pump bypass module

forums tundra induction pump bypass module

Long story short, the secondary air induction system pump failed with forums / tundra induction - pump - bypass - module -aip/.
I posted the other day about my Tundra not going over and 3000 .com/ forums / tundra induction - pump - bypass - module -aip/.
Toyota Secondary Air Injection System - - Home › Forum › FAQ about SAIS/AIP Secondary Air Induction Is the SAIS/AIP Secondary Air Induction System Bypass Module 2004 thru 2012 Toyota Tundra - Secondary Air Injection System Switching Pump Stuck ON Bank 1.

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Unfortunately you can't just unplug the system because it's part of the OBD emissions testing that the car conducts on itself. So i guess if i just took it in for the lsc before i had the issue, that may have prevented an aip failure? You may not edit your posts. If it does, does the LC suffer from the same problem? It's been on my truck for over a week now and have had no problems. The engine still ran with no noticeable problem. Originally Posted by GLKDVM.

forums tundra induction pump bypass module

Post them up here would you please?. CA- Pacific Mountain Cruisers. All posts without this information may be subject to being deleted. Search this thread. It was so friking easy to. In summary, the air injection pumps are creating way more problems mozilla issues they are solving, so this module sure looks like a great solution. After a bit of research, he realized that he could do a much better job than any solution that required cutting and modifying a factory wiring harness. MT - Montana Toyota Owners. Free Priority Mail Shipping and a Lifetime Limited Replacement Warranty! I quickly got used to letting the engine warm up, turning it off, and disconnecting the negative battery terminal to reset the ECU every morning before school. You may not post attachments.

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This is an archived post. The sole purpose of this is to introduce additional oxygen into the exhaust on a cold start in order to heat up your catalytic converter faster. FL- North Florida Cruiserheads. However, i am confused a bit. From everything I read, when the engine is first started cold. European Land Cruiser Owners Club. We're here to help so being rude won't get you very far. So if I am making the bypass module who is machining block off plates?

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INTL- JDM Owners Alliance. PA- Steel City Land Cruiser Club. Quick Links: Fuel Door Latch Back window question Quick question about debadging Best Battery Terminals for my Tundra? GA- Piedmont Trail Riders. Having to clean a screen sounds cheaper than having to replace a pump. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Before installing the bypass module it is highly recommended to. Two plates are required for your engine.

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Downloads vertical file filing cabinet finding Main Page Blog Home. Here they just plug in, no exhaust test. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. NM - New Mexico Toyota Owners. Even If the pumps where still running with the engine hot it wouldnt matter do to the exhaust of the engine hotter that anything else.
Real estate projects bearing donald trumps name selling higher prices Just proves complexity hurts dependability. Failures of these systems has been a big issue on the Tundras. I have the pictures ready to go. Please enter a password for your user account. Emission standards are different for each state so please consult your state laws. I would trade a module for a nice machined set of stainless block off plates with exhaust gaskets and hardware.
Forums tundra induction pump bypass module Quote: Exactly As Described! There is the occasional exception like a blown air pump fuse or damaged air pressure sensors. If your tundra is out of warranty try the links below for a bypass. Participate in all Tundra discussion topics. Unlike other advice subs, we allow links so you can post a picture, video, or audio file of your problem.
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