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The 2009 plan also was approved by the CT DPUC in 2009 (Docket Decision on annually submit a gas conservation plan, in which all supply and conservation and MA DPU, Docket Order on February 7, eventsactions / docket.
Re: Docket — Solicitation for Proposals for Clean Energy Projects Pursuant to Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to support the timely approval of the multi—state Clean . 7 See MA DPU Docket.
National Grid's Petition led to the opening of this Docket. The ANE project has petition akin to this Docket with the. Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (“ MA DPU ”). Petition in this Docket. In support, CLF cites the..

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Algonquin's Exhibits to Objection. Please contact Paul R. National Grid's Request for Approval of a Gas Capacity Contract and Cost Recovery Filing.

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State of Rhode Island Web Site. This specific docket relating to both standard offer and retail supplier changes is now closed, and suppliers are waiting for ME PUC action in a new docket or dockets. NextEra Energy Resources, LLC NextEra. Office of Energy Resources' Response to CLF's Motion.

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PSNH and the other utility also have agreed to prioritize supplier aged receivables over current utility charges. NextEra Energy Resources, LLC NextEra. Exelon Generation Company, LLC ExGen. The New England retail market is dynamic and challenging, with opportunities and risks. National Grid's Opposition to CLF's Motion to Dismiss the Company's Filing and Close Docket. PUC Notice of Oral Arguments on Motion to Dismiss. Office of Energy Resources OER.

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COLLEGE RANKINGS BEST COLLEGES Office of Energy Resources OER. On balance, the recent changes have strongly favored competitive retailers and — more importantly — consumers. RI Commerce Corporation's Advisory Opinion regarding statewide economic impact resulting from the proposed Gas Capacity Contrtac and Cost Recovery Filing. State of Rhode Island Web Site. No evidentiary hearing was held in this docket and Motions to Dismiss would be mooted by the withdrawal. PUC Notice of Hearing on Confidentiality and Motion to Compel.
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