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issued an Order on August 31, 2016 in Docket No. Department of Public Utilities (“ MA DPU ”) seeking regulatory approval of a precedent.
Much of the energy infrastructure in the United States is located near the coasts, where it may be exposed to eventsactions / docket /D_.
Events/Actions, -Commission Docket · -Division Docket · -Meetings · -Minutes · - Public No evidentiary hearing was held in this docket and Motions to Dismiss would be mooted MADPU CLF Set 1 · MADPU CLF Supplemental Set 1 Treatment with respect to Attachments NEER through NEER.

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Office of Energy Resources' Response to CLF's Motion. Exelon Generation Company, LLC ExGen. Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC Algonquin. Responses to Data Requests:. Government Agencies Privacy Policy Search R.

National Grid's Request for Approval of a Gas Capacity Contract and Cost Recovery Filing. Exelon Generation Company, LLC ExGen. NextEra's Response to CLF's Motion. Motions to Intervene filed by:. National Grid's Opposition to CLF's Motion to Dismiss the Company's Filing and Close Docket. Repsol Energy North American Corporation Repsol. NextEra Energy Resources, LLC NextEra. PUC Notice of Hearing on Confidentiality and Motion to Compel. Status of Docket: Closed. The stay can be lifted featured topics education effective programs a motion by National Grid or another party.