Difference between clinton trump

difference between clinton trump

This is one of the glaringly obvious differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Forget any other differences for now, just think of.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are leading the race to be their party's nominee for president in A Trump - Clinton general election.
How Clinton and Trump compare on all the hot-button issues this election nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton...

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Their model shows a more consistent and slightly wider lead for Clinton. Differences in Foreign Policy. A list of head-to-head match-ups for Clinton and Trump in opinion polls can be found on Wikipedia. Hillary Clinton and Democrats universally want to increase the number of people eligible to vote. Trump's Controversial Statements about Latinos. Some individual Republican and Democratic candidates for The House and The Senate may have positions that vary from their party platforms so if you would like to verify the position of the House and Senate candidates in your district and state you can consult their campaign websites or contact them directly by email or through their social media accounts. Emails between the staff at the Clinton Foundation and State Department show that some of those donors wanted access to Hillary Clinton, and that she did take meetings with some of them as secretary of state.

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Understanding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Tax Plans

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Trump used their foundations to enhance their extensive networks of relationships, it seems that only Mr. Such Justices do not consider Gay Marriage or Gay Rights to be protected by The Constitution. Stock quotes by balltoball.info. Abortion is another issue where the two candidates follow party lines. Donald Trump wants to lower tax rates on wealthy individuals and corporations. Trump has claimed repeatedly that the election is "rigged", citing media bias, the government refusing to prosecute Clinton over her email scandal, and newly released videos alleging voter fraud and the Clinton campaign paying people to incite violence at Trump rallies. However, Trump did express early concerns about the cost and direction of the war a few months after it started.

difference between clinton trump

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The way I see it, Hillary Clinton is the safe choice for president and Donald Trump is the risky choice. Other analysts have also criticized Trump's views on Iran as misinformed and stemming from ignorance..

difference between clinton trump