Cars replace torrent dash lights

cars replace torrent dash lights

See how to replace bulbs that are not working in your GM vehicle.
I just replaced the odometer bulb in my 06 Pontiac torrent it seriously There will be a fuse for you dash lights and they are just light bulbs in the back. They pull off just like any other vehicle, unless you live in an area where.
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Cars replace torrent dash lights - - flying

See also: GM Stabilitrak and Traction Control Problems. If you are mechanically inclined you can save some money. Your dealer is right, the expense is in removing the console and dash. At this point I want to get rid of this car. Tell us what Type of Car you're interested in. Dash lights dont come on at any time day or night. Come to find I needed was a plug.

Used Pontiac Grand Prix. Will wait to see if they come on again and bring to the dealer or Autozone for analysis. All the other dash lights work for. Sometimes you cars replace torrent dash lights reach the back of the instrument cluster and replace the bulbs, but it's more likely the cluster has to be removed from the dashboard, and often the first step in that process is "remove steering wheel. It came on while I was stopped at a red light. Apparently this piece was defective from the beginning and Dealership A, for whatever reason, decided to work backwards on the service bulletin provided to fix this issue. Just to let you know, we are still talking to GM Customer Service as well trying to see what they can do for us as the first shop, Dealership A, did some sketchy work on our vehicle. Please login or register to post a reply. Sign In with Edmunds Sign In Register.

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  • Cars replace torrent dash lights
  • Cars replace torrent dash lights

How to replace fan and temp dashboard bulbs Toyota cars. Years 2000 to 2010